White House Announces New Initiatives to Support LGBTQI+ Americans

This month, in recognition of Pride Month, the White House announced the Biden Administration’s new initiatives to support and protect the LGBTQI+ community. In the plan, the Administration reaffirms its commitment to uplift the LGBTQI+ community and utilize federal resources to combat discrimination.  Here are some highlights on the ways that the plan seeks to protect the rights and safety of LGBTQI+ people:

  • Creation of LGBTQI+ Community Safety Partnership: The Administration announced that it would create the “LGBTQI+ Community Safety Partnership,” a collaborative partnership between several federal agencies, including the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Health and Human Services.  
  • Renewed Focus on Safety Training: Another portion of the agenda is dedicated to providing “dedicated safety trainings” for LGBTQI+ organizations and “federal threat briefings” for organizations advancing LGBTQI+ rights.  According to the Administration, such training will educate community organizations and the community at large on how to “protect themselves and respond to threats” to LGBTQI+ individuals. The Administration said training would be geared towards LGBTQI+ community centers, businesses, and Pride festival organizations and designed by the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Supporting Youth: The White House also announced that it would expand protections for LGBTQI+ youth.  President Biden said the Administration would launch additional mental health resources for LGBTQI+ youth and utilize federal agencies to reduce homelessness. Additionally, this plan would allow parents and families a wider range of support programs. 
  • Addressing Book Bans: According to the Biden Administration, the number of book bans is at an all-time high. These bans, the White House states, “remove[] vital resources for student learning, and can contribute to the stigma and isolation that LGBTQI+ people and other communities face.” In response, the Office for Civil Rights will appoint a “coordinator” who will address bans and their threat to students’ civil rights as well as design new training for school districts and institutions. 

These new initiatives are part of the Biden Administration’s continued focus on the rights of LGBTQI+ people.  Expanded regulatory protections for LGBTQI+ individuals under Title IX are also expected when the Department of Education releases the 2022 Title IX Sexual Harassment NPRM in final form in Fall of 2023.