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What is DEI? A Real World Example

DEI / EEO Blog Post Series

November 30, 2021


Recently as I was driving my son and his friend from a soccer game, I wished the friend a Happy Thanksgiving and asked what they were doing to celebrate. This is a normal question we ask without thinking. My son’s friend is Native American. Not the 1/16th Cherokee we hear people talking about, but true Natives with family living on a reservation. People ask me all the time, “what does diversity and inclusion really mean?” Well, in that moment, it meant more to me than I realized. Diversity is having friends from different backgrounds with different perspectives to make our lives richer. Inclusion is being thoughtful to their heritage, their struggles, and their traditions. I immediately followed up with an apology and asked questions about their day of mourning and what they did to remember their ancestors. We, as Americans, can celebrate our day of Thanks and enjoy our foods, our family, and our traditions while also being thoughtful of those who have a different perspective on this day. Diversity is having the friend. Inclusion is making that friend feel welcomed.


Blog post by ICS team member Celeste Bradley. ICS offers Diversity, Equity and Inclusion services and training, contact us for more information.

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