Virtual Certified Title IX Advisor Training, Level 2 Registration

Higher Ed. Title IX Advisor Level 2

Date: More dates to be added in 2022

Cost: $350 | $250 for Community Partners

**Group discounts available for 3 or more registrants from the same institution**

The most anticipated role of an advisor under the new Title IX regulations is during the live hearing where advisors ask questions of the other parties and witnesses through “cross-examination.” This Level 2 training will provide a deep dive into the live hearing process, appropriate questioning and questions of parties and witnesses, relevancy considerations in “cross” and unique circumstances that may arise in the role when a party does not participate in the hearing. The training will include examples of questions that may be deemed irrelevant by a decision maker. Although the regulations do not require training for advisors, training is highly recommended. Prerequisites for this course is Title IX Advisor Training – Level 1, a prior ICS Virtual training under the new regulations or prior experience as an advisor (however, that is only upon petition to ICS for approval). Attendees will receive training that complies with the new Title IX regulations, addresses best practices based on current litigation trends and court decisions, and covers any other necessary material based on any new OCR guidance or actions under the Biden administration.

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More Dates Coming Soon