Virtual Certified Title IX Advisor Training, Level 1 Registration

Higher Ed. Title IX Advisor Level 1

Date: More Dates Coming Soon

Cost: $399 | $319 for Community Partners

**Group discounts available for 3 or more registrants from the same institution**

ICS will allow attendees to post its training materials as required by OCR in §106.45(b)(10)(i)(D) of the 2020 Title IX Regulations. Once registered for a virtual event, ICS will send additional instructions regarding this process.

The new Title IX regulations provide that a complainant and respondent are entitled to a University/School District provided advisor, without fee or charge, in a live hearing in order to conduct cross-examination. Although the regulations do not require training for advisors, training is highly recommended on their role and function. This virtual training is not a webinar, but instead a “live” and interactive experience. It will include the roles of all University administrators in a Title IX process, an overview of Title IX investigations and hearings under the new regulations, and specific considerations on the role of the advisor. Participants will work through case studies to put the concepts learned into practice and also receive compliance aids. Space is limited to foster an interactive learning environment. Attendees will receive training that complies with the 2020 Title IX regulations, addresses best practices based on current litigation trends and OCR guidance, and if applicable, covers the latest on any newly released Title IX regulations.

Registrants must be present for at least 80% of the duration of the training to receive a certificate of completion.

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More Dates Coming Soon