Unveiling ICS’s Refreshed Visual Brand

As we step into a brand-new year, we are sharing a momentous milestone in the journey of ICS – the reveal of our refreshed visual brand, complete with a new logo!

In our ongoing commitment to excellence and adaptability within the dynamic landscape of Title IX and equity, we believe it is crucial for our brand to mirror our dedication to providing top-notch services. The updated ICS logo boasts a modernized triangle, encapsulating our three core values: Community, Education, and Support. This triangle also pays homage to the picturesque skyline of Chattanooga, TN – the heart of ICS’s headquarters.

While our appearance undergoes a transformation, know that our mission remains the same. Our focus continues to be on delivering the highest quality care and support to our clients, including Community Partners, employees, contractors, collaborators, vendors, and everyone connected with our organization. Our ultimate goal persists – assisting schools, districts, and institutions in fostering safe and healthy learning and working environments for students, faculty, and staff.

In the spirit of collaboration and engagement, I hope you will join us for any of our spring trainings. The full virtual schedule is now available, and we also have two in-person trainings for Civil Rights Investigator Training. All of our trainings will be up-to-date with the new regulations once they are released this year.

View K-12 training schedule here.

View Higher Education training schedule here.

Secure your spot for a training experience that goes beyond mere compliance. Our sessions promise strategic insights and practical solutions to drive impactful change within your school, district, or institution.

We express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued trust and partnership with ICS. As we embark on the journey of 2024, we eagerly anticipate the collaborations and successes that lie ahead. Here’s to another year of making a positive impact together!