Title IX training is required under the new Title IX regulations for Title IX Coordinators, Investigators, Decision Makers, and Informal Resolution Facilitators. It is recommended for Advisors and, in K-12, “responsible employees.”

ICS hosts Certified Virtual Trainings as well as courses through Title IX University® to assist in meeting these requirements. Higher Ed. Training  K-12 Training  We also work with institutions and school districts to design tailored training for Title IX teams to ensure the full breadth of the Title IX regulations are met and those team members are not only trained in the law but also your specific policies and procedures. All of these are done in a virtual environment that promotes interactions and a personalized experience.

Additionally, we provide Title IX training for specific areas of your institution including, but not limited to, athletics, faculty, staff, administration, campus police, Greek life and students. We can provide the training or assist you in designing a program that can be utilized for your campus.

Does your institution or organization have training needs outside of Title IX?

We can provide training on all legal areas that affect an organization including workplace harassment, workplace violence, Clery and FERPA plus training for industry and non-profits and training for Greek organizations on hazing and sexual misconduct. Finally, Celeste Bradley regularly conducts diversity training for organizations and teams both virtually and in-person.

Past on-campus trainings include:


2020 Title IX Conference for Higher Education

The 2020 conference, Hot Topics in Title IX Compliance, was held in Chattanooga, Tennessee on March 6. Courtney Bullard, Betsy Smith and keynote speaker Dr. Laura McGuire covered topics from NPRM, trauma informed practices, and informal resolutions in Title IX cases to using data to drive Title IX prevention and response.