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Tailored, Comprehensive and Legally Compliant Training

On-site training for your Title IX team is imperative and all members of your team should understand their individual roles and responsibilities in institutional compliance. We will work to design a tailored program that takes into account your policies, procedures and people involved in sexual misconduct investigations. This training also includes a train the trainer program.

We also provide on-site Title IX training for specific areas of your institution including, but not limited to, athletics, faculty, staff, administration, campus police and students. We can provide the training or assist you in designing a program that can be utilized for your campus.

Our training is not limited to Title IX, we can provide training on all legal areas that affect an institution including workplace harassment, workplace violence and FERPA.

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Thank you for taking the time to put this together! I enjoyed listening to each speaker because they have first hand knowledge and are subject matter experts. The location was perfect. Also, thank you for doing this at no cost to the attendees.