Title IX Expert Witness


Courtney is an Expert Network Distinguished Professional and Lawyer of Distinction for Education Law. As in-house counsel, Courtney has on-the-ground, first-hand experience advising a large public system during campus and federal investigations and litigation. She is a federally admitted expert witness who has worked with dozens of college campuses across the U.S. in both a consulting and legal role and who is intimately familiar with both the law and best practices surrounding these issues.


Title IX is a specialized area that requires nuanced knowledge of higher education and school districts as well as a solid foundation of the legal framework. ICS has supported complainants and respondents in campus proceedings, advised institutions and school districts and represented institutions in Title IX litigation.


Cases alleging a violation of Title IX carry unique complexities that are not found in any other types of cases. An expert witness in these cases can be pivotal. These cases involve sexual misconduct under Title IX, negligence, investigative standards, appropriate institutional response, hazing, bullying and other related legal issues at colleges, universities, private high schools, charter schools, K-12, Greek organizations, and other areas where sexual misconduct can occur.

Courtney Bullard serves as an expert witness on a variety of matters for a plaintiff or defense case, including:

  • Student-on-student sexual misconduct, relationship violence and stalking
  • Sexual harassment (Title IX and Title VII)
  • Title IX and the deliberate indifference standard
  • Duty to investigate, respond and remediate
  • Safety and security
  • Hazing (K-12, higher education and Greek Life)
  • Bullying
  • Negligence (duty of care/standard of care analysis/causation)
  • Sexual abuse cases in industry, non-profits, religious organizations, clubs, medical facilities, etc.
  • Gender Discrimination