Carmen Barnhardt – Title IX Coordinator
Marshall B. Ketchum University

As a new VP working at a small institution I appreciate my membership in ICS. Courtney is always quick with a reply to simple questions and offers a consultation call for the questions that aren’t so quick and easy. Her advice is practical and applicable to our institution’s size and scope. She has helped me develop a training plan for onboarding new Title IX coordinators who are new to the work, creatively replacing our Code of Conduct policy and procedures that allow for input from our Deans and a number of other, “oh shoot, we need a policy on that?” type questions.

I feel that this is some of the most effective training I have had. The hands on part of doing mock investigations was most helpful. By actually going through the motions I am able to better retain what I learned.

This training was incredibly helpful in understanding the role and expectations of the investigator in a Title IX case. I am definitely going to take advantage of the available webinars and upcoming podcast series. The training was also very interactive which really helped my learning.

Dr. Dee Dee Anderson, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
The University of Southern Mississippi

Courtney provides invaluable assistance with Title IX compliance, including real-time legal advice during complex investigations. Courtney understands the different roles that each division plays in the investigative process and works diligently with student affairs professionals to ensure that they understand not only their role in that process but also the legal requirements mandated by federal law