Client Testimonials

“ICS has enabled our institution to drastically increase training for our Title IX Team. Not only is the content affordable, but it also easy to access for both users and administrators. The trainings themselves are excellent, efficient, and exactly meet our training needs. We could not be happier and recommend it to all institutions.”

– Lauren E. Starnes, J.D., Director of Institutional Equity |Title IX and 504 Coordinator, South Texas College

Our experience with ICS has been fantastic. The ICS team is very professional in all they do. Courtney and her team bring training for the seasoned professional as well as for someone new to a role in Title IX. We love the Title IX University for on-demand training as well as the quarterly webinars and special topic trainings. ICS keeps us up to date on all things Title IX.

– Shelley Isler, Risk Manager & Title IX Coordinator, Indiana Wesleyan University

My experience with ICS this past year was superb. Courtney and Betsy stand out in their quick responses to requests for consult as well as the high-quality trainings they put on. Overall, I am impressed with their knowledge of the field and appreciate having ICS as a support as I navigate my first year in the higher ed setting.

– Carly G. Elliott, Director of Institutional Equity and Compliance & Title IX Coordinator, Belmont University

We began our partnership with ICS in 2021 and it was a great decision! There is no other organization out there doing what ICS is for those in the K-12 space as it relates to Title IX. I have attended virtual and in-person training sessions and the entire staff’s knowledge and expertise is unmatched. They keep us up to date in the constantly evolving world of Title IX and I learn something new every time! I feel supported at every turn and their customer service is top-notch. Through Title IX University, ICS has helped our district’s Title IX team feel knowledgeable and empowered to handle any Title IX issues that we may experience. We will continue to rely on their partnership in the years ahead!

– Michelle Bright, Title IX Coordinator, Franklin Community Schools

ICS has truly helped to increase the capacity of Beaufort County School District’s Title IX response. As Title IX Coordinator, I am fully confident in my ability to lead our District Title IX efforts and I fully credit ICS with helping to build my capacity as Title IX Coordinator. The collaboration has allowed us to update and implement new policies, and train school investigators, District investigators, and decision-makers. Our District is very thankful to partner with ICS and look forward to continued collaboration!

– LaKinsha Swinton, Title IX Coordinator, Beaufort County School District

Thank you for participating in the Equal Educational Opportunity 2020 Technical Assistance Training, on October 22, 2020. Your presentation on “Title IX and Expectations for Title IX Coordinators” was extremely timely and informative. Participants’ feedback indicated that the information shared was valuable and will help them as they carry out their responsibilities in the district. Please know that your presentation and participation contributed tremendously to the success of the training. Again, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to provide us with relevant information regarding new Title IX regulations. Looking forward to a continued partnership.

– Florida Department of Education

I have been recently binging your “The Law and Higher Ed” podcast, and I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all the time you have spent making it into such a useful and enjoyable resource. I started as Title IX Coordinator/Institutional Compliance Officer with Lincoln Memorial University in November, and this has been such a helpful resource for me as I get started. I studied higher ed law during law school, but I have spent a year as an associate in a personal injury firm and definitely needed a refresher. The podcast has been really great for that.

– Lincoln Memorial University

Thank you! That was a fantastic training.

– Towson University

I just wanted say how thankful I am for ICS! With the school year just beginning, our new Title IX policy has been engaged several times already. The compliance aids and quick reference checklists and flowcharts have been an absolute lifesaver!

– Campbellsville University

Attorney Bullard is especially adept at facilitating interactive, on target sessions with student-athletes regarding issues surrounding sexual harassment and misconduct. She has presented twice so far to student athletes at my institution, to rave reviews. I highly recommend her for this specialized presentation.

– University of Southern Mississippi

Thank you for working with us! The entire team are excellent professionals, I was treated as a friend more than a client. I really appreciated this approach as this is such an overwhelming process for K-12 administrators. I look forward to working with your team!

– K-12 Community Partner

Courtney, Betsy, Susan, and team-thank you so much for all your help and the incredibly speedy turnaround on everything-you all are superheroes!!!

– Higher Ed Community Partner

You have such a gift of being both thorough and informative while infusing that with warmth and care. It is evident that everything you do operates out of that foundation of care. It is that balance of care and knowledge that sets ICS apart. I deeply appreciate you all!!

– Higher Ed Community Partner

Hello to all! We met the deadline with ease, including posting the Title IX Statement, and only because of the excellent work on your end. I nearly cried Friday when the day came and nothing. We were good and I took the day off. We are recommending you to everyone we talk to.

– Higher Ed Title IX Coordinator

Kathie has had nothing but great things to say about the work you and Betsy have done for us our Title IX compliance. I have been listening to Betsy’s training today and she is excellent-very engaging and has great cadence and presentation style.

– General Counsel For An Institution

As a new VP working at a small institution I appreciate my membership in ICS. Courtney is always quick with a reply to simple questions and offers a consultation call for the questions that aren’t so quick and easy. Her advice is practical and applicable to our institution’s size and scope. She has helped me develop a training plan for onboarding new Title IX Coordinators who are new to the work, creatively replacing our Code of Conduct policy and procedures that allow for input from our Deans and a number of other, “oh shoot, we need a policy on that?” type questions.

– Marshall B. Ketchum University

Courtney is so many things to us: subject matter expert, trusted partner, provides wise counsel regarding our policies, processes, and training. Best of all, she has gotten to know us and is delightful to work with!

– Calvin College

As Chief of Police for campus law enforcement, I worked with Courtney through numerous legal issues over an 8 year period. She provided sound guidance during sensitive employment and compliance related matters that arose as well as assistance in policy drafting. I highly recommend her services.

– Chief of Police, University of Tennessee

Courtney is an experienced and effective legal counsel for any educational institution in need of training, planning and policy writing. For five years, she worked with me as in-home counsel for UTC. She was knowledgeable, hard-working and always devoted to protecting the University’s best interests.

– University of Tennessee Chattanooga

Courtney provides invaluable assistance with Title IX compliance, including real-time legal advice during complex investigations. Courtney understands the different roles that each division plays in the investigative process and works diligently with student affairs professional to ensure that they understand not only their role in that process but also the legal requirements are mandated by federal law.

– The University of Southern Mississippi

I am truly benefiting. I’m singing praises to my administrator, my superintendent here about this. And I just want to say thank you for the work that you’re doing and you’re providing for our school systems here.

– Latasha Bacote-Owens, Maryland School for the Deaf

Trainings Testimonials

Title IX Coordinator

I feel comfortably cautious about the role after attending your training. Comfortable in that I have more information and understand my responsibilities better. Cautious in that I realize we are in the beginning stages of implementation and cannot be fully sure about how the law and regulation will be interpreted by OCR or in court cases. Thank you for your thoughtful presentation!

Thank you for working with us! The entire team are excellent professionals. I was treated as a friend more than a client. I really appreciated this approach as this is such an overwhelming process for K12 administrators. I look forward to working with your team!

I think it was the perfect training. Recapped what needed to be said but not too much that it was redundant. The Hypos were the best. The discussion and collaboration that comes from those are very beneficial. Thanks ICS!

Length of training was perfect. Lots of great “real” dialogue that a person can’t get elsewhere.

ICS speaks “K12 language” well. They make it easy to understand.

Overall, the training was very detailed and informative. I also enjoyed how personable all presenters were. Please extend my thanks to Betsy, Courtney, and Celeste!

Courtney and Betsy did an excellent job. Lots of information, but beneficial.

This was the perfect training. Thanks ICS!

Investigator Training

The training was very helpful from a standpoint of reminders, learning new things and the interaction the facilitator had with all. Being part of Title IX investigations can be stressful so it was great to be in a training with so many others and hearing their experiences. The environment (zoom) could have been difficult for a training like this, but Courtney did and excellent job of keeping all engaged, mixing humor and her own experiences in, which made for a very comfortable environment. I got a lot out of this training and will definitely take advantage of the webinars and future trainings.

As a newly hired Title IX investigator, I thought the training was a great starting point. It was just enough information to get me started on conducting an interview, but not too much information that I felt overwhelmed. The best part for me was during the breakout sessions and mock interviews. Getting knowledge from those who have been in the field for years was invaluable. Good job with dividing the groups! I also felt that more time could have been given to the investigative techniques, but with the new regulations just coming out I understood. I am interested in the second part of the training as to gain more insight into report writing and credibility assessments.

This training was incredibly helpful in understanding the role and expectations of the investigator in a Title IX case. I am definitely going to take advantage of the available webinars and upcoming podcast series. The training was also very interactive which really helped my learning.

I really appreciate the checklists! I am hopeful we will be able to afford the templates because your style of organization is exceptional…

Thanks for a great training! This one was my second training. However, this was well thought out, it flowed well and was easy to follow. Thanks for all your hard work in putting this together for us. I really appreciate it.

Very thorough and well planned. I was not that excited about the training going into it, but your expertise and presentation made it much more engaging and kept my attention throughout.

There was a lot to digest regarding school’s responsibility for implementation. I feel more prepared than I did before the training!

These are difficult situations that need to be talked about and I believe the information was presented in a professional manner.

There was A LOT of information presented. Good information, easy to understand and yes I have more knowledge of the subject at hand but – there is so much more to know.

The mock investigations were very helpful. They helped build my confidence a bit as I made the choices and then heard the presenter’s feedback. Presenters were also outstanding in sharing information in an easy to understand way.

I cannot possibly give enough praise to Courtney and Betsy for this training! On a human level, Courtney and Betsey were by far the most engaging, kind, and funny trainers I have ever taken a training with. They somehow managed to incorporate humor and compassion into their explanation of a 2000 page document. Their flexibility and willingness to answer questions during the sessions allowed for on-the-spot engagement and made asking questions about such a dense topic less overwhelming. Both Courtney and Betsy were comfortable with engagement at all levels and acknowledged when they did not know the answer rather than dancing around the issue. The training itself was incredibly easy to follow and the ongoing engagement, breakout sessions, and mock investigations made the two day session go by very quickly. Being able to incorporate newly acquired knowledge into practicing interview techniques made the absorption of knowledge seamless. The only thing I would liked to have seen done differently was the allowance of more time to read the parts we were assigned for the mock interviews and case studies only because I am a slow reader. This was by far the best training I have ever been to and I look forward to taking all future trainings with Betsy and Courtney!

Courtney and Betsy were excellent presenters, personable, full of knowledge, and went above and beyond to validate our concerns while preparing us to do this work. 10/10!

I have spent many hours training this last year. I really appreciate your pace and that you take time for engagement. So often, training does not apply adult learning techniques but I feel like you did, successfully. Thanks

This training was great. I really enjoyed it and I feel prepared to investigate cases on my campus. I can tell that the ICS team spent a lot of time preparing for the training and it was well worth the investment.

Material was shared in a practical manner that clarified questions around the new regulations.

I have spent many hours training this last year. I really appreciate your pace. So often, training does not apply adult learning techniques and you did, successfully. Thanks.

I cannot possibly give enough praise to Courtney and Betsy for this training! This was by far the best training I have ever been to and I look forward to taking all future trainings offered from ICS.

This training was great. I really enjoyed it and I feel prepared to investigate a case on my campus. I can tell the ICS team spent a lot of time preparing and it was well worth the investment.

This was great! Thank you for the training and insights. I appreciate your experience and knowledge! I have never been disappointed with any ICS training I have attended! Today is no exception!

Investigator Training Level 2

The team at ICS always provides top-notch training experiences. I have attended multiple trainings with Courtney and Betsy and each time they are professional, informative, and practical. Thanks for a great experience again!

Thank you for the wonderful job you did in training on the new regulations so quickly after they were released!

The team at ICS always provides top-notch training experiences. I have attended multiple ICS trainings with Courtney and Betsy and each time they are professional, informative, and practical. Thanks for a great experience again!

Decision-Maker Training

I felt much more comfortable after the presentation. I thought Courtney and Betsy demonstrated exceptional ability to explain and dissuade anxiety with the process. And I went back to view our draft District Policy and it made MUCH MORE SENSE! Thank you so much for the training.

I appreciate the presenters bringing in relevant examples into the training that we would all encounter.

Very well done. As a college professor, I admit that I am hypercritical of presenters and presentations. ICS was excellent!

This is a complex issue and I feel it was presented very well…Great Work!

Excellent, practical, training that I will recommend to others.

Advisor Training

The training I’ve taken with ICS has been amazing. There is a lot of material, and it’s all a bit overwhelming, but you made it feel a bit less so. You are so supportive and encouraging, and the information is presented clearly and organized well. Everything is very user-friendly, and the ladies at ICS were willing to answer our questions and adapted materials to the needs and requests of the participants. I’m sure I’ll be looking back at the PowerPoints and using the handouts a lot in the future.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. The training was helpful to me as a newly-appointed Title IX advisor. The scenario/hypo and group discussion helped me apply the training and understand different areas of exploration for witnesses.