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Special Counsel

Effective, Compassionate, Timely and Legally Compliant Assistance

Institutions encounter a wide array of legal issues managing compliance with Title IX and related matters.  Our signature services provides unlimited access to legal counsel throughout the year on all matters that may arise as a result of a complaint of sexual misconduct, stalking and relationship violence. We believe that good training and sound policies are important legal mandates for each campus or school district; however, institutional compliance is only as strong as how a campus or school district handles allegations of sexual misconduct, stalking or relationship violence.  A misstep during this time can be detrimental, negatively impacting the good will of the institution as well as the lives of all of those involved.

Is your Title IX Coordinator overwhelmed with compliance demands?  Let us work with your Title IX Coordinator and team to assist with navigating the complex legal issues that arise during these times to create an effective, timely, compassionate, and legally compliant response to each and every situation.

For more information about this service please contact us or see our FAQs.

Courtney provides invaluable assistance with Title IX compliance, including real-time legal advice during complex investigations. Courtney understands the different roles that each division plays in the investigative process and works diligently with student affairs professionals to ensure that they understand not only their role in that process but also the legal requirements mandated by federal law.
Dr. Dee Dee AndersonAssistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs