Putting Policy Into Practice (K-12)

K-12 Putting Policy into Practice

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In response to the challenges presented under the new Title IX regulations, we have developed a four-part training series called Putting Policy into Practice. After a semester of working under these regulations, the ICS team is experiencing the challenges of these complicated processes alongside you. We are learning where the roadblocks are occurring from our clients and trainees as well as firsthand through our service as external investigators, advisors, and decision-makers. This series will walk you through some of the most complicated expectations under the new regs. It will also provide practical implementation guidance and suggestions for Title IX team development. The series will wrap up with an entire session devoted to hypothetical situations, scenarios, and case studies. This will be a hands-on cohort style experience for all participants. This series is appropriate for Title IX Coordinators, Deputy Title IX Coordinators, and other Title IX key officials. Course Level: Mid to advanced. Course Prerequisite: Level 1 ICS training and/or 2+ years of Title IX experience.

  • Implementation of the New Regulations and Smooth Transitions

    This webinar will cover ways to facilitate smooth transitions in your Title IX process under the new regulations, starting with the report of Sexual Harassment, through Formal Complaint and grievance process. You will be provided with unique considerations related to working with Complainants and Respondents through this process. It will also discuss lessons learned, on the ground, “living the regs” in this process.

  • Emergency Removals

    The new Title IX regulations provide for emergency removals of a Respondent if an individualized safety and risk analysis determines that an immediate threat to the physical health or safety of any student or other individual arising from the allegations of Sexual Harassment justifies removal. This webinar will explore when emergency removals are appropriate, the intersection of your Title IX office and Behavior Intervention/Threat Assessment Team, and unique considerations when contemplating removal of student respondents vs. employee respondents.

  • Resolution Process

    The new regulations require districts to have a Q & A phase and allow for the option of a live hearing for determination of responsibility and sanction or a paper review. This webinar will discuss the Q&A process in detail with suggestions for facilitating the process, making relevancy determinations, and transitions between the formal grievance process and the Informal Resolution process.

  • Hypos!

    Hypos! This webinar will be entirely focused on putting concepts into practice through numerous hypotheticals exploring the various challenges under the new regulations and lessons learned “living the regs.”

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