The Law and Higher Ed Podcast

Episode 1: Your Host, Courtney Bullard

In this first episode, Courtney covers the purpose of The Law and Higher Ed Podcast, what you can expect from each episode, a primer on the law related to Title IX compliance and a little about her own background, including fun facts!

Episode 2: Dr. Michelle Rigler

Michelle, ADA expert and director of the Disability Resource Center at UTC, sits down with Courtney to discuss the ADA and ways that accommodations may present themselves in Title IX matters. Michelle shares how she came to be an expert in the field, how she built a robust DRC at her institution, and the ways her office works with the Title IX process on campus. Her approach is so crucial at a time when more and more members of campus communities are presenting on the ASD spectrum. Legal primers, some basics on the unique considerations on Title IX training for students with ASD and fun facts about Michelle are also part of the discussion.

Episode 3: Tiffany Cox

This episode explores microaggressions and the many ways they impact a college campus. Tiffany Cox, Title IX Coordinator for Rhodes College, explains what constitutes a microaggression and how they present themselves in the classroom, workplace, and even Title IX compliance. She provides great resources to consider in educating yourself and your campus to create a more inclusive environment. A former practicing attorney and law student with Courtney, Tiffany also shares how she came into higher education, diversity and inclusion, and Title IX compliance and her experience working at a large state institution versus a small private college.

Episode 4: Lianne Kowiak

Tragically, Harrison Kowiak passed away as a freshman in college in a hazing incident. His mother, Lianne, has become an advocate sharing Harrison’s story across the country to hopefully prevent another family from experiencing the same heart break. A moving conversation, Lianne shares not only Harrison’s life, but the moments when they were with him as a family when he passed away – something no family ever expects to endure. Lianne also breaks down the definition of hazing and provides some sobering statistics at the K-12 and college level.