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Institutions who are ICS members receive over 15 hours of legally compliant, up-to-date training that can be utilized across campus. You’ll receive compliance aids and model policies – all designed to assist the Title IX Coordinator in campus compliance efforts with Title IX and related laws and regulations.Let ICS ease the compliance burden for your campus and become an ICS Member today!

ICS Membership Benefits

  • Up-to-date, legally compliant, unlimited access to over 15 hours of training. All webinars will be regularly updated as laws or best practices change and evolve;
  • Training includes all 12 webinars in the Know Your Role Series. Each one hour webinar is dedicated to a different area of campus that is involved in campus compliance – for example, Title IX Coordinators, Adjudicators, Investigators, Campus Security;
  • Access for employees for training with automatic tracking and immediate certification upon completion;
  • The ability to quickly and effectively train new employees who assume critical roles during transitions that often cause disruptions in campus compliance;
  • Provides consistent training or supplemental training across campus that highlights the unique roles and responsibilities of positions involved in compliance; and
  • Ability to quickly and effectively provide training to areas of concern.
Unlimited access to model policies and procedures that are regularly updated to reflect changes in federal law, including:

  • Model Policy on Sexual Misconduct, Stalking and Relationship Violence
  • Model Complaint Log
  • Model Declination Form
Unlimited access to compliance aids for the Title IX Coordinator and team, including:

  • Basic Compliance Checklist
  • Title IX Compliance Quick Guide
  • Title IX v. Title VII Comparison Chart
  • Hypo Bank to use for table top exercises and campus training
  • One click access to applicable federal laws and regulations
  • Materials, newsletters and other updates provided monthly to alert members of important changes in the law that a ect institutions.
  • Members also receive a 25% discount for ICS Services such as independent investigations, training, and consulting. Institutions that retain ICS as Special Counsel receive a free Membership.

*An ICS Membership does not establish an attorney-client relationship, which is only formed when you have signed an engagement agreement. Access to these materials does not constitute legal advice and should not be utilized in place of legal advice.

Duration of Membership

Membership is based on a rolling-year calendar. Membership expires one-year from receipt of payment and completion of the membership processing by ICS.

Memberships become active upon receipt of payment and completion of internal processing. No retroactive product, training, or event discounts are given.

Transfers of Membership

Memberships are transferable, but not refundable. A membership is owned by the institution that pays for it. Therefore, if a membership is purchased by an institution it remains with the paying institution.Please contact us to notify of any change in the primary membership contact with the link to contact form

Membership Rules

By applying for membership in ICS, you assent to a limitation of damages in the event your membership registration form is not accepted or is terminated, in an amount not to exceed the paid value of your membership, pro-rated from the date of termination.

Members who engage in fraud or misrepresentation are subject to having their membership voided. Pro rata refunds will be provided.

ICS membership materials do not constitute legal advice and are not a substitute for legal advice.

Membership Registration and Eligibility

Membership for institutions with more than one campus must be purchased for each campus unless a satellite campus has less than 1,000 students. For example, a system that has three campuses, each with over 1,000 students, must purchase a membership for each campus at the membership rate appropriate for that campus. If a system has one campus with 10,000 students, and a satellite campus with 800 students, the satellite campus may utilize the membership from the main campus without an addition purchase. Please contact us if you have questions regarding eligibility.

The membership committee of ICS shall have the sole authority to determine any questions of membership and eligibility.