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Mediation Services

Mediation Services

Title IX litigation has dramatically increased over the last 5 to 7 years – both litigation brought by complainants and respondents on college campuses.  Mediation serves as an important tool to mutually resolve these matters.  It is an informal, conflict-resolution process brought before an independent, neutral, third-party mediator.  Mediation provides the parties with an opportunity to find areas of agreement in a way that is not possible through a lawsuit.

Title IX cases are sensitive and complex matters that require a specialized knowledge of the higher education environment, the law, and best practices prescribed by the Office for Civil Rights that continue to evolve and change.   Engaging a mediator who is well-versed on the legal framework of Title IX and related laws and regulations can be pivotal to resolving these disputes.

Courtney is a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 listed civil mediator.  She has over 16 years of education law experience, including serving as campus counsel for a large University system.  She also regularly serves as a neutral external investigator.   Her practice specializes in Title IX consulting and legal work; however she handles any and all legal matters affecting college campuses and school districts.  She mediates matters involving Title IX (pregnancy discrimination/sexual misconduct/relationship violence/stalking/gender equity); Title VII discrimination and retaliation; hazing in athletics, clubs, Greek life and other areas; bullying; negligence; ADA compliance including accommodations of students and staff; faculty grievances and denial of promotion and tenure; IDEA and 504; breach of contract claims; student conduct matters; discrimination based on gender/sexual orientation; and disputes involving the termination of high level administration and coaches.

Courtney mediates workplace disputes both in the private and public sector, assisting organizations in finding a common ground for employees and departments to resolve their grievances and move forward to a more productive work environment.

Courtney partners with clients to problem-solve and reach a resolution through a confidential process.   Courtney mediates cases both within and outside of Tennessee.