Major Takeaways from United Educators Large Loss Report

In 2022, Title IX compliance continues to be an area of concern for risk management at higher education institutions and K-12 schools. As complainant litigation regarding sexual harassment and SOGI increase and schools re-group from the pandemic, school administrators are reviewing their compliance Title IX efforts with more scrutiny. With new regulations coming this Spring, this year’s Large Loss Report provided critical insight on key risk areas in Title IX.

The Large Loss Report by United Educators highlights the 50 most prominent settlement and damage awards of more than $500k that impacted K-12 schools, universities, and colleges in the past year. According to the 2022 report, of the 50 settlements or damage awards, 38 surpassed $1 million, a noticeable increase from 31 in 2020. The number of settlements greater than $250,000 also rose from 46 in 2020 to 72 in 2021. The report also indicated a significant increase in settlement or award amounts in cases involving sexual misconduct, retaliation, and discrimination against transgender students.

Type of Conduct 2020 2021
Sexual Misconduct (13 settlements or awards) $1.6 million $852 million
Retaliation (2 settlements or awards) $1.4 million $2.4 million
Discrimination Against Transgender Students (2 settlements or awards) $1.3 million $4 million

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