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Know Your Role

Please join Courtney Bullard as she continues her Know Your Role series. Breakdowns following reports of sexual misconduct often occur because of confusion or lack of understanding of administrator’s roles in institutional compliance. The Know Your Role Series addresses the individual roles of campus administrators in institutional compliance with Title IX, providing practical guidance to division administrators that touch campus compliance through monthly one hour webinars.

We will be offering an ICS Membership soon! It will include unlimited access to these webinars and 3 more additional webinars in the Know Your Role series dedicated to the role of residence life, outside investigators and public relations.

Know Your Role Series occurs several times. Please register for the date and time that works best for you:

The series will proceed as follows:
Human Resource ProfessionalsMay 18th – Register Now
Presidents and ChancellorsJuly 27th – Register Now
Complainant/Respondent Advisors/AdvocatesOctober 19th – Register Now
Putting it all in to Action/Case StudiesDecember 14th – Register Now
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