K-12 Services


ICS Community Access (K12)

Public and private school districts face a myriad of legal issues.  Complaints of bullying, hazing and sexual misconduct within the K-12 environment abound.  Let us partner with your school to provide training for faculty and staff related to allegations of inappropriate conduct, draft and implement policies to address these sensitive situations, advise on issues surrounding accommodations both in the classroom and for summer camps and assist when they are faced with complaints of sexual misconduct other sensitive issues.


Employment/Personnel issues
Our team has decades of combined experience advising clients in employment matters. We provide legal assistance in employment discrimination cases, including defending complaints filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and related state agencies. We also provide assistance in drafting and negotiating high level administrative employment contracts.
Hazing, Bullying, Athletics
We have a great deal of experience guiding school districts in their response to allegations of bullying and hazing in athletics and other school sponsored activities. This experience includes assistance in drafting and implementing board policies and conducting external investigations.
Public Relations
Often school districts need advice on sensitive public relations matters. We partner with institutions to assist in navigating these matters to ensure compliance with the law and protect against making statements that may negatively implicate a school district in the event of litigation.
We assist school districts in legal matters implicating ADA, IDEA and 504.
Climate Surveys
Climate surveys are powerful tools for administrators and school leaders to better understand the experiences and perceptions of students and/or parents or guardians. They are critical to highlight successes and strengths as well as identify areas for improvement. Climate surveys are most effective when they are conducted every two to three years to show progress in key areas. ICS assists school districts and institutions in the creation and implementation of climate surveys to assess and work to improve school culture.