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External Investigations

Unbiased, Confidential, Quality Investigations

Is your institution or organization facing an allegation of a systemic issue of a culture of sexual misconduct or hazing?  Is your institution or organization facing an allegation against a high level administrator?  Is there concern of an actual or perceived bias by an internal investigator handling a case?

There are times that it is necessary to hire an external investigator to conduct impartial and objective investigations in to allegations of workplace or school misconduct such as bullying, hazing, harassment, discrimination, retaliation and sexual violence. It is important to bring in an investigator who not only understands the legal framework of an investigation, but also understands the unique landscape of an educational institution in matters implicating Title IX.  Our team is led by a former University system attorney who has both conducted and provided legal advice on over one hundred investigations during her 16 years of practice in the corporate and academic sector.  She is a trained Title IX investigator, a member of Workplace Investigations Group and NACUA, a Lawyer of Distinction in Higher Education and an Expert Network Distinguished Professional.

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As Chief of Police for campus law enforcement, I worked with Courtney through numerous legal issues over an 8 year period. She provided sound guidance during sensitive employment and compliance related matters that arose as well as assistance in policy drafting. I highly recommend her services.
Robert RatchfordChief of Police, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga