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Title IX and ADA Webinar

This webinar discusses the intersection of ADA and Title IX with guest speakers Michelle Rigler and Emily Quinn.  $199/Individual   |     $350/Institution

Management Respondent Series

In this three part series, participants will review the legal obligations of institutions to complainants and respondents, learn about the current legal landscape in respondent litigation, assess lessons learned from OCR’s recent resolution agreement and successful litigation, and explore steps institutions are taking to ensure that the process is fair and equitable to all parties involved, including developments in respondent support services.

$199/Individual     |     $350/Institution

This series focuses on addressing respondent considerations in managing reports of sexual misconduct and interpersonal violence. Litigation trends and increased media attention show that students accused of sexual misconduct are just as likely to sue the institution as complainants. In addition, OCR recently entered into a resolution agreement with an institution as a result of a complaint brought by a respondent.

Session 1: Legal Obligations of the Institution to Complainants and Respondents
Session 2: A Review of Respondent Litigation and OCR’s Resolution Agreements
Session 3: Trends in Providing Respondent Support Services On Campus/Top 10 Takeaways

*This three part webinar series is included with your ICS Membership or you can register as an individual or an institution. $199/Individual   |     $350/Institution

First Report on the NPRM

This webinar is the first to address the NPRM.

$199/Individual   |     $350/Institution

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