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Title IX Legal Updates

The Title IX legal landscape is ever changing. In this webinar, Courtney Bullard will explore the litigation trends of 2018 and discuss considerations for best practices in light of those trends. Title IX Coordinators and their team, as well as in-house counsel, can benefit from this webinar. She will also discuss the anticipated proposed rules from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and the projected impact on campus compliance efforts.

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Accommodating Pregnant and Parenting Students

This webinar sheds some light and review key areas and considerations for accommodating pregnant and parenting students in compliance with Title IX. Courtney Bullard shares trends in enforcement and litigation, considerations for developing internal policies and procedures to ensure compliance, and practical advice for handling pregnancy and parenting accommodations in complex settings.

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Management Respondent Series

A three part webinar series focused on addressing respondent considerations in managing reports of sexual misconduct and interpersonal violence. Litigation trends and increased media attention show that students accused of sexual misconduct are just as likely to sue the institution as complainants.

In addition, OCR recently entered into a resolution agreement with an institution as a result of a complaint brought by a respondent.

Through this series, participants will review the legal obligations of institutions to complainants and respondents, learn about the current legal landscape in respondent litigation, assess lessons learned from OCR’s recent resolution agreement and successful litigation, and explore steps institutions are taking to ensure that the process is fair and equitable to all parties involved, including developments in respondent support services.

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Timely Warning Notifications and Sexual Misconduc

Timely Warning Notifications and Sexual Misconduct:

This webinar provides a primer on the intersection of Timely Warning Notification requirements under Clery and reports of sexual misconduct on your campus. Clery and Title IX overlap in many areas and this webinar will discuss the sometimes difficult task of determining when a report of sexual misconduct warrants a timely warning notification to the campus. The webinar will also discuss policy considerations and best practices.

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White Knuckling Title IX Compliance:

This 45 minute webinar is packed with tips, tricks and best practices to assist institutions as they prepare for the new academic year. Often institutions white knuckle their way through Title IX compliance during the academic year, making difficult situations encountered even more complex. Part pep-talk, this webinar will ensure participants have considered salient issues as they enter the new academic year.

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2017 Year End Review and #metoo

This is Courtney's second year-end review, recapping all of the legal changes in 2017 with predictions for Title IX in 2018 and how these changes inform best practices going forward. This webinar also discusses the impact of the #MeToo movement and high profile sexual harassment complaints that occurred in 2017 on college campuses both with respect to Title IX and Title VII and the interplay of both federal laws.

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The Future of Title IX

The Title IX landscape continues to evolve and change especially in light of the Office for Civil Rights new guidance. This webinar discusses the future of Title IX including the newly released guidance from the OCR issued on September 22nd and the differences between the Obama-era and Trump-era guidance. It will also provide practical tips moving forward for campuses to consider in complying with Clery and Title IX. Recorded November 2017.

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Title IX, Title VII, #MeToo and More!

It is more important than ever that human resources professionals understand Title IX in addition to the Title VII obligations of an institution. It is also crucial for Title IX Coordinators to understand the interplay of these laws and how they impact the course of an investigation where both may be implicated. Join Courtney Bullard as she discusses the cross over between Title IX and Title VII and the impact of the #TimesUP and #MeToo movements for college campuses. Courtney will provide a basic overview of these laws, recent case law and guidance and work through some hypothetical situations to highlight issues to be aware of for your campus. This webinar is appropriate for Human Resources Professionals, Title IX Coordinators, and others involved in compliance with these laws and regulations on your campus.

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