ICS Conference Agenda


Thursday, March 5th

11:30 AM EST                        FREE Tennessee Title IX Coordinators Lunch and Learn

                                                      *must register for this event

Tennessee sits in the 6th Circuit, which has been a hotbed for significant rulings in Title IX cases in the past few years.  In addition, Tennessee has state specific laws, including the Student Due Process Protection Act, that govern expectations for college campuses and law enforcement in addressing sexual misconduct.  This complimentary lunch and learn is open to Tennessee Title IX Coordinators to provide an opportunity to network and collaborate with colleagues across the state, an invaluable benefit of any conference, as well as to learn about how recent litigation and State laws impact the Title IX obligations of Tennessee colleges and universities.  Participants will leave with full bellies and a better understanding of current issues specific to Tennessee colleges and universities.


2:00 PM-5:00 PM EST           Pre-Conference – NPRM Intensive 

The Pre-Conference will provide attendees with an NPRM intensive session in an intimate setting to collaborate and ask questions of presenters. The NPRM is expected to be released prior to the conference and this will provide an exceptional opportunity to map out the changes your school will need to make on a quick timeline. If, for some reason, the release is delayed, the Pre-Conference will focus on expected changes in campus requirements and ways to implement such changes when they go into effect. There will also be a focus on industry standards resulting from litigations trends across the country regardless of whether the new regulations are released.

6:00 PM EST                          Welcome Reception 


Friday, March 6th

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST         Full Conference Day


Keynote Speaker – Dr. Laura McGuire


Effective Title IX Training    |   The Who, What, Why and How

In this session, presenters will discuss the legal requirements regarding not only training for students, faculty and staff under Title IX and VAWA but also the necessary training for Title IX Coordinators and their teams.  This will include best practices on engaging high risk areas of campus, innovative training methods, and ensuring your campus training is balanced and effective.  Presenters will also explore lessons learned and potential pitfalls encountered in working with clients and litigation.  Finally, the session takes a holistic approach, concluding with a discussion of the pros and cons of different educational interventions.

Presenters:  Courtney Bullard, Betsy Smith and Laura McGuire


The Key Elements of a Fair and Balanced Process   |   Balancing “Due Process”, Trauma Informed Practices and More

Litigation trends, OCR guidance and the NPRM all focus on ensuring that a process is fair and balanced for the complainant and respondent.  Using equity as a guide, this session will explore how to balance “due process” rights for the respondent against complainant considerations and the appropriate use of trauma informed practices in Title IX work.  This session will dispel common myths and misconceptions by outlining exactly what trauma-informed care is, what it is not, and the benefits therein.  Participants will leave with a better understanding of how an approach rooted in understanding the neurology, breadth, and cultural context of trauma can benefit all parties in Title IX cases and prevention initiatives.

Presenters:  Courtney Bullard and Laura McGuire


Informal Resolutions in Title IX Cases

The 2017 Q&A issued by OCR opened the door to informal resolutions in all Title IX cases.  This session will review best practices for implementing an informal resolution process on your campus and the benefits of offering this option.  This session will also explore the complexity of Title IX’s evolution under the Office of Civil Rights, the #MeToo movement, and where the future of prevention education has yet to go. We will explore the history, context, and execution of impactful restorative practice programs on campuses. Title IX professionals will be engaged in a discussion around handling different types of sexual misconduct cases, options for student conduct, and restorative justice interventions.

Presenters:  Courtney Bullard and Laura McGuire


Using Data to Drive Title IX Prevention and Response

Tracking patterns and Trends is a critical role for a Title IX Coordinator. In fact, it is mandated by OCR guidance.  But, often this requirement is overlooked due to the hectic day to day work of managing cases and implementing support measures. In this session, you will learn how to realistically manage your data in order to create tailored prevention plans and effectively respond to Title IX reports on your campus. You will leave empowered to share your data with each audience (students, faculty, staff, or administrators), in a way that will lead to increased acknowledgement and awareness of Title IX related issues.

Presenter:  Betsy Smith


   *Breakfast/Lunch included on March 6th