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ICS is Your Partner in Achieving Title IX Compliance

ICS is Your Partner in Achieving Title IX Compliance

As the August 1, 2024 deadline approaches, colleges and institutions face the daunting task of crafting new policies and procedures to comply with the new regulations. These policies must not only meet federal mandates but also reflect the unique needs of your school community. Let ICS Policy Support create tailored solutions just for you.

Tailored Higher Education Title IX Policy Development

ICS specializes in creating customized Title IX policies that address the specific needs and challenges of your institution. Our proven development process ensures your policies are robust, comprehensive, and fully compliant with the latest regulations.

Our Policy Process


Intake and Assessment

We begin by thoroughly understanding your institution’s current policies, practices, and unique needs. This detailed intake process allows us to identify gaps, areas for improvement and other specific information to begin the policy drafting process.


Policy Drafting and Customization

Guided by an ICS Specialist, we draft a policy that is tailored to your institution. Our experts ensure that every aspect of the new 2024 Title IX regulations and State law nuances are integrated into your customized policy.


Review and Feedback

We collaborate closely with your team to review and refine the drafted policies, incorporating feedback to ensure that the final policy is not only compliant but also practical and effective for your community.

Why Choose ICS for Policy Support?

Our team of Specialists brings extensive experience and expertise in Title IX compliance, ensuring that your policies are in capable hands. We recognize that every institution is unique. Our tailored approach offers a custom solution that creates policies specific to your needs and context. From initial intake to full implementation, we guide you through every step of the policy development process. Institutions across the country trust ICS for our reliable, effective policy support and our commitment to excellence.

Why Choose ICS for Policy Support?

Act Now: The Implementation Deadline is Approaching

Do not leave compliance to chance or let the complexities of Title IX regulations overwhelm you. With the August 1, 2024 deadline fast approaching, now is the time to act. Partner with ICS to ensure your policies are compliant, customized, and ready to implement.

Contact us today to learn more about our Policy Support and how we can aid you in your journey toward Title IX compliance with the new regulations and beyond.