First Thoughts on the New Title IX Regulations

Yesterday, the Department of Education released their finalized version of the new Title IX Regulations. Some current thoughts:

This is not a sprint. This is an ultramarathon.

We have seen this phenomenon in the Title IX world previously. Schools rushed to implement policies that were one size fits none.  The processes checked all the boxes in the regulations but didn’t make sense for the differing campuses. They created chaos, confusion, frustration, and ultimately litigation.

Changes to process and policy should not be made hastily. Now is the time to take a deep breath and push yourself to SLOW DOWN. There is time.

Think about what is working now on your campus. Think about what isn’t working. Make sure that those are the core foundations that are used when drafting/updating your process and policy to comply with the new regulations.

It is critical to start with YOUR campus, YOUR students, and YOUR employees. Your Title IX process should be built around them. It will not look the same on every campus. That’s okay.

You have got this, my friends. Deep breaths, we are in this together…for the long haul.

By ICS Team Member Betsy Smith – Senior Investigator, Consultant, and K12 Team Lead

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