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Did You Include Disability in Your Diversity Conversation?

DEI / EEO Blog Post Series

December 6, 2021


Last Friday was a day set aside to honor those living with disabilities. Inclusion is not limited to race, religion, or sexual orientation, though that’s what we hear about most. People with disabilities should have a seat at the table in our businesses, institutions, and organizations. We have to be intentional in our hiring and our accommodations. How many times have you heard someone speaking to a crowd say, “I don’t need a mic since I’m loud enough already”? I’ll go first and raise my hand because I have done this before. What this says to people with hearing impairments is that their need to hear amplified sounds is not a priority. Being intentional is imperative to an inclusive environment. I still see job qualifications including the standard “must be able to lift 25 pounds,” but omit the “or with an assisted device” part. Remember, diversity is having a diverse team, but inclusion is making them feel welcomed and valued.


Blog post by ICS team member Celeste Bradley. ICS offers Diversity, Equity and Inclusion services and training, contact us for more information.

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