Putting Policy Into Practice Series: Blog Post 3


Language Has a Significant Impact When Dismissing a Formal Complaint


September 2, 2020


The Title IX Regulations are prescriptive regarding the situations in which a Formal Complaint MUST or MAY be dismissed. Sections 106.45(3)(i) and (ii) specifically define the provisions of such dismissals in the following manner:


Mandatory dismissal of a

Putting Policy Into Practice Series: Blog Post 2

You Cannot Write or Train Your Way into Compliance


August 26, 2020


A common question we have received is whether attending our training will put a school or institution “in compliance with Title IX” and the new regulations.  My response is consistently as follows:


1.  Yes, our trainings comply with the new

Putting Policy Into Practice Series: Blog Post 1

Report of Sexual Harassment vs. Formal Complaint - Clarity and Transparency Matter


August 14, 2020


As Institutions and School Districts settle into life under the New 2020 Title IX Regulations with fresh policies and procedures, the work is just beginning. It is time to put those policies into practice.


While administrators work

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