Reflection and Hope for Title IX Professionals

January 5, 2022


It is a new year, a time for reflection on what we are leaving behind and the creation of hopes and visions for the days to come. Truthfully, professional reflection on the state of Title IX from 2021 is hard, really hard. But as with every challenge, we must

Pass the Potatoes with a Side of Understanding

DEI / EEO Blog Post Series

December 23, 2021


The time has come where we join family and friends, ready to break bread together and celebrate this holiday season. For many, we prepare to square off with one or two family members who arrive ready to battle every political and social

Did You Include Disability in Your Diversity Conversation?

DEI / EEO Blog Post Series

December 6, 2021


Last Friday was a day set aside to honor those living with disabilities. Inclusion is not limited to race, religion, or sexual orientation, though that’s what we hear about most. People with disabilities should have a seat at the table in our businesses,

What is DEI? A Real World Example

DEI / EEO Blog Post Series

November 30, 2021


Recently as I was driving my son and his friend from a soccer game, I wished the friend a Happy Thanksgiving and asked what they were doing to celebrate. This is a normal question we ask without thinking. My son’s friend is Native

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