Eight Things to Consider When Making Hard Decisions

January 31, 2020


Whether you are a Conduct director, a Human Resources professional, or a Title IX coordinator/investigator, your role requires you to make difficult decisions on a daily basis. Position descriptions do not adequately explain the pressure, the stress, the heartache, the headache, or the internal and external struggles that go into each

Title IX and Trauma

October 24, 2019


The trauma of sexual assault may impact a survivor’s ability to accurately remember events, and a survivor should not be further traumatized by being pushed to remember events or questioned as to his/her credibility. This line of reasoning is an offshoot of what has been termed “trauma

A Circuit Split on Cross-Examination Rights

august 17 , 2019


Last week, the First Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a 2018 ruling from the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals concerning an accused’s right to cross examine the accuser in Title IX hearings.

The Sixth Circuit ruled in Doe v. Baum, 903 F.3d 575 (6th Cir. 2018) that due process requires

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