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Legal and Consulting Services for colleges, universities, elementary and secondary schools.

We provide a full range of legal and consulting services for elementary and secondary schools and institutions of higher education with a specialization in compliance.  We partner with school districts and institutions to assist with campus-specific training and policy drafting and review, independent investigations, assistance with Office for Civil Rights and other federal investigations, and litigation. Our services expand to representation in any legal matter faced by institutions.

Helping You Take an Active Compliance Approach

We are here to assist your institution in taking a proactive approach to compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and the Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization amendments to the Jeanne Clery Act, and related state and federal regulations. We understand the demand placed on colleges, universities, elementary and secondary schools to meet legal mandates.

Our Signature Service, Special Counsel

Our unique service includes year-round legal assistance during sexual misconduct, relationship violence and stalking investigations. Training and solid policies are important legal mandates for each campus or school district; however, institutional compliance is only as strong as how a campus or school district handles allegations of sexual misconduct, stalking or relationship violence. A misstep during this time can be detrimental, negatively impacting the good will of the institution as well as the lives of all of those involved. As Special Counsel, we work with your Title IX team in a belt and suspenders approach to create an effective, timely, compassionate and legally compliant response to each and every situation that arises.

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Special Counsel

Our signature services provide unlimited access to legal counsel throughout the year on all matters that may arise as a result of a complaint of sexual misconduct, stalking, and relationship violence.

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We provide on-site training for your Title IX team and believe that it is imperative that all members of that team understand their individual roles and responsibilities in institutional compliance.

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Independent Investigations

We provide investigators to conduct impartial and objective investigations into allegations of workplace or school misconduct such as bullying, harassment, discrimination, retaliation and sexual violence.

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Your resource for Title IX Compliance at your campus… become an ICS Member!

Institutions who are ICS members receive over 15 hours of legally compliant, up-to-date training that can be utilized across campus. You’ll receive compliance aids and model policies – all designed to assist the Title IX Coordinator in campus compliance efforts with Title IX and related laws and regulations.


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About Us

Courtney provides invaluable assistance with Title IX compliance, including real-time legal advice during complex investigations. Courtney understands the different roles that each division plays in the investigative process and works diligently with student affairs professionals to ensure that they understand not only their role in that process but also the legal requirements mandated by federal law.
Dr. Dee Dee AndersonAssistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs