Training Requirements: K-12 Title IX and Athletics – What Does Your School District Need to Know?

Often incidents of alleged sexual harassment arise in the athletics environment – be it in the locker room, on a bus to or from a game, or before or after practice, to name a few.  To ensure your school district meets its Title IX obligations and the safety of its student-athletes, it is imperative that coaches and staff are trained on the new Title IX regulations.

This training should include:

1) Definition of Title IX sexual harassment and when it falls under your program or activity;

2) How and when an employee can become on notice of sexual harassment;

3) Reporting obligations once on notice, including the interplay between reporting obligations under Title IX and mandatory reporting obligations pursuant to state law; and

4) A school district’s Title IX compliance obligations in responding to an allegation of Title IX sexual harassment and how athletics plays a key role in these obligations.

Complying with Title IX, however, is more than responding to incidents of sexual harassment. A large component of Title IX compliance also includes gender equity in athletics, pregnancy discrimination, and sex-based or gender-based discrimination.  Athletics staff should have a full understanding of the breadth of Title IX compliance as it relates to unique issues that arise in athletics.

Title IX Coordinators and school district athletics coaches and staff should attend ICS’ Title IX for Athletics Virtual Certified Training, where all of this and more will be covered.  This virtual training is live and interactive, and participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of the presenters to seek clarity.  In addition, training will include hypos to help put concepts into practice. Register today, as spaces are limited.