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Report Triage Tool (Embedded)

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This triage tool will help you determine whether a reported matter falls under Title IX (meets the definition of sexual harassment and falls within your program or activity per the 2020 Title IX regulations) and therefore requires a Title IX Formal Grievance process. Remember that if the matter falls under Title IX, you cannot discipline the Respondent through another school/campus process.

If the matter falls under Title IX, this tool also offers some examples of supportive measures that could be provided to both the Complainant and Respondent. These are only examples.

In using the tool, simply check each box that applies. If you cannot check a box, that means it will be checked for you based on other answers. Once you complete the exercise you can print a report for your records. Fill out the boxes below if you would like to keep track of this document.

**This tool is designed to use in conjunction with your policies and procedures.**

Part 1: Education Program or Activity/Jurisdiction

Do the allegations contained in the report, if true, fall within your education program or activity?
(see also Compliance Aid: Education Program or Activity/Jurisdiction)

*Disclaimer: Using this tool does not guarantee compliance with Title IX and other related laws and regulations. This tool also does not establish an attorney-client relationship, which is only formed when you have signed an engagement agreement.

**This tool is designed to use in conjunction with your policies and procedures.**