Note from Betsy – Take a Pause

If you are confused, overwhelmed, frustrated, annoyed, and/or ready to throw in the towel, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We are currently living in one of the most challenging times in the history of this work. We have a 26-24 state divide (litigation to enjoin or overturn regulations vs. no litigation YET). We have judges who have their constituents talking about the potential for a nationwide injunction. We have states passing resolutions and attempting to declare sovereignty. We have coordinators new to the work (bless you) and old pros who have been doing the work since the wild times in 2011. EVERYONE is feeling the same way. We are in this together.

My advice for now, truly pause on your next steps. Let the dust continue to settle. Yes, we have states that will still fall under the August 1 implementation deadline (as of today), and we will help you get there. Yes, we have states who currently have injunctions, and we will respect those. And finally, there are those of you who fall somewhere in the limbo of the unknown, we will figure it out. While we always talk about planning ahead, this is one of those times when we have to wait to see where the chips fall and make decisions in due time (NOTE: I am TERRIBLE at this). For now, we will continue to update 2024 Title IX Regulations – ICS Lawyer with the latest information, litigation, and decisions.

Pause. We are proud of you. We are here for you. You’ve got this.