Higher Education Services

Higher Ed Services

ICS provides legal and consulting services for colleges and universities, including:

Student Affairs

We specialize in providing legal advice and consulting services on a wide range of student related matters including disability compliance, defending decisions to impose student discipline, drafting and assistance implementing student codes of conduct, complying with the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Rights, and defending complaints and audits by the Department of Education and/or Office for Civil Rights. We have broad experience working with behavioral intervention teams on threat assessment and also working with disability resource centers on matters involving accommodation requests related to service animals and emotional support therapy animals.

Resolutions Services

The ICS team has vast experience in serving as informal resolution facilitators, decision-makers, hearing officers, chairs, panel members, advisors, and appellate officers. We also regularly advise Title IX and Equity Professionals serving in these roles in real-time, as well as provide training for these roles.

Employment/ Personnel Issues

Our team has decades of combined experience advising clients in employment matters. We provide legal assistance in employment discrimination cases, including defending complaints filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and related state agencies. We also provide assistance in drafting and negotiating high level administrative employment contracts.

Faculty Matters

We are experts in providing legal advice on faculty matters including faculty grievances, allegations of discriminatory or wrongful treatment in the granting or denial of tenure, disputes arising from dismissal of tenured faculty members, and investigations in to research misconduct. We can also assist with drafting and implementing faculty related policies and procedures such as departmental bylaws and faculty handbooks.


We provide guidance in all aspects of NCAA compliance, including representation should your institution face an NCAA investigation, public relations issues unique to college athletics, drafting and implementing athletics policies and procedures, and developing risk management and litigation avoidance strategies.

Public Relations

Often institutions need advice on sensitive public relations matters. We partner with institutions to assist in navigating these matters to ensure compliance with the law and protect against making statements that may negatively implicate an institution in the event of litigation.

Campus Police Departments

We have experience advising campus police on investigations and allegations of civil rights violations. We assist with training campus police on their vital role in Title IX and Clery compliance. We also assist with drafting and implementing general orders. We have successfully handled Department of Education Clery investigations, assessments and audits.

Minors on Campus & Camp Accommodations

We assist institutions of higher education in legal matters implicating ADA, IDEA and 504 as it relates to higher education institutions with expertise in these areas as they relate to summer camps and other issues that arise with minors on campus.

Climate Surveys

Climate surveys are powerful tools for administrators and school leaders to better understand the experiences and perceptions of students. They are critical to highlight successes and strengths as well as identify areas for improvement. Climate surveys are most effective when they are conducted every two to three years to show progress in key areas. ICS assists institutions in the creation and implementation of climate surveys to assess and work to improve school culture.

Outsourced Roles and Support

ICS provides institutions across the country with the ability to delegate some or all of their Title IX needs on temporary or ongoing basis. We work with institutions that need long-term support, as well as those who are experiencing short-term gaps in staff due to leaves, prolonged searches, or hiring freezes. Learn More

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ICS has enabled our institution to drastically increase training for our Title IX Team. Not only is the content affordable, but it also easy to access for both users and administrators. The trainings themselves are excellent, efficient, and exactly meet our training needs. We could not be happier and recommend it to all institutions.

Lauren Starnes J.D

Director of Institutional Equity | Title IX and 504 Coordinator, South Texas College

Our experience with ICS has been fantastic. The ICS team is very professional in all they do. Courtney and her team bring training for the seasoned professional as well as for someone new to a role in Title IX. We love the Title IX University for on-demand training as well as the quarterly webinars and special topic trainings. ICS keeps us up to date on all things Title IX.

Shelley Isler

Risk Manager & Title IX Coordinator, Indiana Wesleyan University

My experience with ICS this past year was superb. Courtney and Betsy stand out in their quick responses to requests for consult as well as the high-quality trainings they put on. Overall, I am impressed with their knowledge of the field and appreciate having ICS as a support as I navigate my first year in the higher ed setting.

Carly G. Elliott

Director of Institutional Equity and Compliance & Title IX Coordinator, Belmont University

We began our partnership with ICS in 2021 and it was a great decision! There is no other organization out there doing what ICS is for those in the K-12 space as it relates to Title IX. I have attended virtual and in-person training sessions and the entire staff’s knowledge and expertise is unmatched. They keep us up to date in the constantly evolving world of Title IX and I learn something new every time! I feel supported at every turn and their customer service is top-notch. Through Title IX University, ICS has helped our district’s Title IX team feel knowledgeable and empowered to handle any Title IX issues that we may experience. We will continue to rely on their partnership in the years ahead!

Michelle Bright

Title IX Coordinator, Franklin Community Schools

ICS has truly helped to increase the capacity of Beaufort County School District’s Title IX response. As Title IX Coordinator, I am fully confident in my ability to lead our District Title IX efforts and I fully credit ICS with helping to build my capacity as Title IX Coordinator. The collaboration has allowed us to update and implement new policies, and train school investigators, District investigators, and decision-makers. Our District is very thankful to partner with ICS and look forward to continued collaboration!

LaKinsha Swinton

Title IX Coordinator, Beaufort County School District

Thank you for participating in the Equal Educational Opportunity 2020 Technical Assistance Training, on October 22, 2020. Your presentation on “Title IX and Expectations for Title IX Coordinators” was extremely timely and informative. Participants’ feedback indicated that the information shared was valuable and will help them as they carry out their responsibilities in the district. Please know that your presentation and participation contributed tremendously to the success of the training. Again, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to provide us with relevant information regarding new Title IX regulations. Looking forward to a continued partnership.

Florida Department of Education

I have been recently binging your “The Law and Higher Ed” podcast, and I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all the time you have spent making it into such a useful and enjoyable resource. I started as Title IX Coordinator/Institutional Compliance Officer with Lincoln Memorial University in November, and this has been such a helpful resource for me as I get started. I studied higher ed law during law school, but I have spent a year as an associate in a personal injury firm and definitely needed a refresher. The podcast has been really great for that.

Lincoln Memorial University