EEO Services

EEO Services

Led by Celeste Bradley, Director of EEO Services, ICS provides a wide variety of services related to protected-class discrimination under Title VI, Title VII, the ADA, and other Federal and State laws. ICS provides options for all institutions and districts that will ensure they are providing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment for both learning and working.

EEO Services

Program Reviews / Audits

ICS can help institutions, districts and workplaces by conducting assessments of their operations, assisting in the development of a Diversity Strategic Plan, auditing hiring practices, conducting training, and more. We bring an objective viewpoint with strategic action items to assist your institution or district in creating an environment that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.


ICS regularly conducts EEO training focused on responding to and addressing reports of discrimination in the higher ed, K-12 and private sector settings. ICS’ EEO training provides access to experts in practical application of EEO. These experts bring not only academic theory, but real-world examples and ensure these important concepts are presented in practical, accessible ways.

External Investigations

When there are allegations of discrimination against protected classes, it is essential to have a neutral third-party investigate in order to ensure compliance and accuracy without bias. ICS serves as a neutral fact-finder in matters involving these sorts of allegations, and bring their experience and expertise to the case to make sure your institution is protected from the potential damage of such allegations.

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Celeste Bradley - Director of EEO Services

Celeste Bradley

Director of EEO Services

Celeste adds a new dimension to our team, providing diversity training and programming, Title VI, Title VII and other Human Resource Professional training and workplace investigations for the private sector and education institutions. Serving as in-house counsel provided Celeste with valuable experience in the importance of providing efficient and thorough assistance while presenting the information with an understanding of the business needs.