Certified Civil Rights Investigator Training

Certified Civil Rights Investigator Training

Level 1

Civil Rights Investigator Training Level 1

$499 – $399 (Community Partners)

March 13, 11 AM – 3 PM EST

**Group discounts available for 3 or more registrants from the same school district**

Institutions and school districts must respond to and address reports of protected class discrimination that extend beyond Title IX sexual harassment. These reports may come from students, faculty, or staff and encompass various aspects of protected class discrimination that falls under Title VI, Title VII, ADA, Title IX, ADEA, and state law. This Level 1 Civil Rights Investigator training will provide an overview of the federal laws that impact these investigations, address best practices, and discuss considerations when there is an overlap with Title IX sexual harassment. This training will also address concurrent EEO or OCR investigations and provide guidance for tools and leveling up soft skills as an investigator. The ICS Team will also touch on assessing credibility and making determinations of responsibility where an investigator is also serving as a decision-maker. This course is appropriate for HR professionals, Equity Officers, EEO staff, Title IX Coordinators, Deputy Title IX Coordinators, Student Affairs professionals and other administrators responsible for investigations into allegations of discrimination or harassment based on a protected class. This course is a live virtual interactive course and attendees will receive a certificate of completion, resources, and compliance aids.

Registrants must be present for at least 80% of the duration of the training to receive a certificate of completion.

About the presenter:

Celeste Bradley

Director of EEO Services

Celeste Bradley

Celeste has been a labor and employment lawyer for almost two decades, serving as Associate General Counsel at BlueCross BlueShield over their labor and employment division (with over 6,000 employees in offices across Tennessee) and in-house employment counsel for a large trucking company and parking services company. Celeste adds a new dimension to our team, providing diversity training and programming, Title VI, Title VII and other Human Resource Professional training and workplace investigations for the private sector and education institutions. Serving as in-house counsel provided Celeste with valuable experience in the importance of providing efficient and thorough assistance while presenting the information with an understanding of the business needs. She is successful in partnering with companies to develop strategies for success while remaining compliant with applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, she provides union negotiation support from the election process to finalizing the collective bargaining agreement. She also has experience in drafting and implementing pandemic plans and building Crisis Response Team and plans.

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