Title IX Professionals – The Close of 2022 and Measuring Backwards

As the CEO of ICS, I am not only a lawyer – I am also a business owner. I recently listened to a podcast that explored the concept of “measuring backwards” that really resonated with me as we say goodbye to 2022.  The podcaster encouraged listeners to take some time at the end of each year to reflect on our accomplishments, the challenges we faced, and growth we experienced that year- to measure our year backwards. Each year I sit down and reflect on all that ICS, our clients, and Community Partners have accomplished, and this year I intend to do the same with an eye towards the impact.   

Title IX professionals, it is easy to end 2022 with anxiety as we look forward to 2023 with the new Title IX regulations on the horizon, matters that transfer over to the new year, and the often relentless amount of work to keep your school or institution in compliance.  I encourage you, however, to take a moment.  Even if it is 30 minutes. Use that time to reflect on all you have accomplished in 2022, looking beyond the numbers and stats to the impact you have had on students, staff and/or your team. This can serve as a reminder of the “why” behind the work you are doing and breathe life into your goals for the upcoming year.

Be safe and stay well this holiday season.  I look forward to seeing you in 2023 in an ICS training or conference.

Courtney Bullard

Courtney Bullard, Founder of Institutional Compliance Solutions